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About Carrie's Artistic Process

Carrie Wild is an award-winning fine artist and illustrator who creates unique ink-and-watercolor paintings of birds, bunnies, butterflies, and other creatures.

Carrie's paintings begin with a pencil drawing on watercolor paper. Then she uses a stippling technique to create outlines and textures with individually-placed dots of waterproof ink. Lastly, she uses watercolors to add depth and define details in the painting.

Carrie enjoys studying literature, history, and design. As a result, elements from various artistic movements, as well as other cultures, sometimes appear in her work.

Carrie Wild, Fine Artist and Illustrator

Photo Credit: Mike Loudermilk

About Carrie

Carrie Wild grew up in the Flint Hills area of eastern Kansas, where the rolling hills contain the country's largest expanse of original tallgrass prairie. A love of the outdoors inspires much of her artwork – paintings in which she depicts nature in both realistic and imaginary ways. Some of her favorite subjects are insects and small animals, creatures whose details are often overlooked but are full of beauty and character. She believes that natural surroundings are key to our well-being and hopes to inspire appreciation of them through her subjects.

Since 1998, Carrie has worked as a fine artist and freelance illustrator based in central Indiana. Her paintings have been exhibited locally and regionally at venues such as Clowes Hall at Butler University, the White River Gardens at the Indianapolis Zoo, the Indianapolis Art Center, the Indiana State Fair, the Indiana State Museum, the Indianapolis Museum of Art, the Art Museum of Greater Lafayette (Lafayette, Indiana), the Minnetrista Cultural Center (Munice, Indiana), and the Lake County Discovery Museum (Wauconda, Illinois). Some of Carrie's original paintings reside in the permanent collections of Huntington University and the Fort Wayne Museum of Art.

In 2008, Carrie juried into the Indiana Artisan program, which was created by the state to recognize high-quality artisans working in Indiana. In 2011, she became a juried member of Art IN Hand Gallery, which is owned and operated by an artist collective in Zionsville, Indiana. In 2014, she became a juried member of Indiana Artists Club, one of Indiana's oldest and most prestigious professional artist associations. Carrie has served on the Executive Committee of Art IN Hand Gallery, as well as the Board of Directors of Indiana Artists Club.

Carrie exhibits and sells her original ink-and-watercolor paintings at galleries, museums, juried art fairs, and other venues. She offers limited-edition reproductions of select paintings. She also licenses her images for use by greeting card companies and other clients. Carrie's artwork has been recognized multiple times by judge's awards in various art fairs, exhibitions, and competitions.

Some of Carrie's clients have included The Children's Museum of Indianapolis, RSVP/Sellers Publishing, and Sunrise Greetings (Hallmark), among others. Her artwork has appeared in such publications as American Artist, Branches, GreenPrints, and Guideposts. Carrie was the feature of an article in the 2004 edition of Artist's and Graphic Designer's Market, as well as the February 2011 issue of Indianapolis Woman magazine. She has also designed and taught youth art activities for The Children's Museum of Indianapolis and VSA Indiana (now called Art Mix).

Carrie received her B.A. in Studio Art from Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois. She lives in Indianapolis, Indiana with her husband and their beloved cat.